U.S. History

Year 1 – APUSH

We personally find History best learned through lectures and notes, too many interactive and distracting activities can lead to a lack of understanding of the topic. AP and Regents U.S. History have essentially the same framework, but AP is a more in-depth curriculum of the occurrences through United States History. History can easily be learned simply through reading the textbook or through videos on the topic, but the test prep for the APUSH exam will be useful.

Test Prep Videos:
JK Education – APUSH [Coming Near Exam Time]
Khan Academy Short Answer Example 
Khan Academy Multiple Choice Example

Student Tutors:
Gerald Rott – rottge20@student.ktufsd.org
Krish Patel – patelkr20@student.ktufsd.org
Louis Taravella – taravellalo20@student.ktufsd.org
William McGonagle – mcgonaglewi20@student.ktufsd.org

Unit 1-4: Colonization of the Americas

Chapters 1-4 cover the expansion of European countries into the Americas, all the way to life in the 17th century in America. This time period is where borders between colonies and the native Americans were created along with early life in the Americas, which would eventually shape the economies, society, and politics of future America.

Unit 5-8: American Revolution

Chapters 5-8 go over the American Revolution and how the thirteen colonies succeeded from the British Empire. This covers the beginning of the revolution, through the war and then finishing with the succession from the British empire, with the publication of the declaration of independence.

Unit 9-12: Building a New Democracy

Chapters 9-12 covers the constructing of the American constitution through to the second war for independence and Nationalism, such as the Marshall plan, afterwards. After the American Revolution the government needed structure and this is where the government today was structured. The unit ends with new found nationalism after the War of 1812.

Unit 13-17: Economic, Social, and Political Development

Chapters 13-17 covers the rise of the Democratic party and stats with the election of Jackson. It ends with the concept of Manifest Destiny and the growing differences with slavery between the north and south. This time period is where we see the economy, society, and politics of the country really develop and become somewhat solidified.

Unit 18-22: Civil War

Chapters 18-22 cover the time period leading up to the Civil War as well as the Civil War itself and reconstruction afterwards. The slavery dispute along with the succession of the Confederates from the Union, the war on both sides, and the ideas of reconstruction after. This time period formed the relations between the North and South parts of the United States for years to come.

Unit 23-27: Gilded Age

Chapters 23-27 covers the second American industrial revolution all the way through to our influence on the world under the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. Starting with jim crow laws and the urbanization of american cities and finishes with the Panama canal and the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe doctrine.

Unit 28-32: WW1 and Roaring 20s

Chapters 28-32 cover the Republican Roosevelt period along with the steps towards entering World War One. Covers the end of Roosevelt’s reign as president, moves to wilson’s presidency and world war one, then finishes with the Roaring twenties post war. In the notes section there may be some cross over between the Roaring twenties and the Great Depression.

Unit 33-36: Depression and WW2

Chapters 33-36 cover the Great Depression and Roosevelt’s New Deal and finishes with the end of World War Two. With the end of the Roaring twenties and entering Hoovers presidency the stock market crashes and Roosevelt takes the presidency begins many reforms but it is WW2 that saves American economy.

Unit 37-41: The Cold War to a New Century

Chapters 37-41 are the final chapters for AP U.S. history and they cover the time period between the Cold War and the emergence of a new century. The material spans from the end of World War Two, moves to Eisenhower and the presidents dealing with the Cold War and finishes with the Obama election and start to his presidency.

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