IB History Y2

Authoritarian States

IB students focus on authoritarian states during year two of their IB course. Since the IB exams have been cancelled this year, there is no reason for test prep for IB students. Instead videos will be focused on authoritarian state questions found within regents exams, to help all those still taking exams prepare for other questions not relating to the United States History. A strong focus on the 20th century, and in particular, the rise of Communist & Authoritarian States towards the Cold War. Look out for any lectures regarding these topics for revision, and test prep regarding outlining how to tackle essay prompts and such.

Test Prep Videos: JK Education – IB History[Coming Soon]
Live Stream: TBD on TBD @ JK Education YT

Student Tutors:
Krish Patel – patelkr20@student.ktufsd.org
Gerald Rott III – rottge20@student.ktufsd.org

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