IB SL Mathematics

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IB SL Mathematics is a two year course, where the curriculum can be split in any way. For students at Kenmore West, the Year 1 comprises of topics such as Algebra, Functions and Equations, and Statistics and Probability. Then, Year 2 consists of the Circular Functions and Trigonometry, Vectors, and Calculus topics. The May 2020 IB Exams will not be held, but we will still leave this page up for any students of future sessions, etc.

Student Tutors:
William McGonagle – mcgonaglewi20@student.ktufsd.org
Aaron Mendez – mendezaa20@student.ktufsd.org
Reagan Smith – smithre20@student.ktufsd.org
Gerald Rott III – rottge20@student.ktufsd.org

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