Tutoring is absolutely free of cost and can be scheduled easily by completing the form!

Tutoring will be done entirely through digital platforms, either Google Hangout or Zoom. Tutoring should usually be scheduled for 11 AM – 3 PM on Weekdays and will be assumed to be 30 minute sessions unless the student requests for a shorter or longer session.

For long-term tutoring in Chemistry or History, please email us for info!

Digital student-to-student tutoring.

To request a tutoring session, please fill out the form below with:

  • Your contact info (name, email)
  • Which Digital Platform(s) work best for you
  • What you need help with (Subject & Unit)
  • Time Block(s) which work for you
  • Any other comments or requests (i.e. requesting for specific tutors, sessions longer or shorter than 30 minutes, etc.)
A tutors will email you with a link for Zoom/Google Hangout ASAP, or we will email back if there are no tutors available.

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